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Everyone's fitness journey is different on how it begins, whether its how to start? what exercises to do? and fitting in consistency for the phase of life you may be in. You have taken the most important step and that is coming to DAS Fitness where you are given the opportunity to be a part of a program that is built around your personal goals, capabilities, and fitness levels.  In addition, become a part of a community that will support you, help you grow within your fitness journey, and will hold you accountable to yourself and to each other.  All within the confines of what you are personally able to accomplish.

Within your fitness journey your goal will be to establish a lifestyle that can continue through your life.  As your why changes from your original reason for beginning this journey.  Let your changing why be a part of the driving force that allows this new part of your life to remain a constant importance. 

                                                                    Your Journeys

Youth Fitness                                                                Young Athletes

1.  Establish A Strong Fitness Base                              1.  Establish the Need of Strength & Conditioning 

2.  Set Achievable Goals and Milestones                     2.  Consistent Speed & Agility Training

3.  Educate them about diet                                        3.  Sport Specific Skills Training 

4.  Help them build Self Esteem and Confidence        4.  Construct Discipline, Preparation, and Sacrifice

5.  Create Discipline, Accountability, and Growth       5.  Understand Mental, Emotional, and Dietary                                                                                                 Growth

                                                Elite Athletes

                                                1.  Disciplined, Dedicated, and Motivated

                                                2.  Talented

                                                3.  10,000 Hrs of  Sport Specific Skills Training

                                                4.  Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility,

                                                     Rest & Recovery, and Dietary Discipline

                                                5.  Fortified Mental and Emotional Maturity

Adult Fitness                                                                    Rehab/Injury Recovery

1.  Clear and Accomplishable Goals                                 1.  Resilient, Determined, and Driven

2.  Make Slow Moderate Changes to your diet                2.  Patient

3.  Participate in an Exercise Program that fits you          3.  Strength, Balance, Skills, and Coordination 

4.  Create Habits around these Changes in your life.             recovery

5.  Surround yourself with individuals that will hold         4.  Mental and Confidence Building in Recovery

     you accountable.                                                          5.  Lifestyle Change and finding new normal

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